Are you looking for a wine cooler to start your wine collection? Look no further as The Flawless Host has a huge selection of wine coolers for all of your needs. We take wine seriously here and can help you find exactly what you need.

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Why to Buy a Wine Cooler

There are a few main reasons to buy a wine cooler and this is a subject that we're fairly passionate about here at The Flawless Host.

As we see it, the main reasons are:

1. To start a wine collection

2. Protecting your current wine collection

3. Increase the number of wine bottles you store at your house

4. Make sure you never forget about the wine you own.

5. Being able to serve the right wine at the appropriate occasion.

6. Make any room look classy. Seriously - a wine cooler is some of the best money spent for decoration we can think of.

And while there are plenty of others, these are the ones that matter the most.

Wine Cooler Brands

Given the cost of a high quality wine cooler, it's important to know which wine cooler brands you should consider. Thankfully we've done the research for you to help you make the most informed decision and we only carry brands we would be proud to have in our own homes.

To start off, I'll mention Allavino Wine Coolers which are a personal favorite of mine. In fact, when I was considering purchasing my first wine cooler, The Allavino 100 Bottle Wine Cooler in Black was my final choice. These wine coolers look amazing, have high quality, quiet compressors, and deliver serious bang for your buck.

Next, I need to mention Asko Wine Coolers which are a step up in cost but also worth every penny. These smart wine coolers come with an integrated app which means you can track your wine collection and never let a bottle age past its peak.

Whether you're new to wine collecting or not, Azure makes a number of really stylish wine coolers that will look great your kitchen (or anywhere else in your home or apartment.)

One of our favorites brands for everything indoor and outdoor kitchen related, Hestan wine coolers will blow you away. All Hestan products are out of this world and their wine coolers are no exception.

If you're judging wine coolers based on looks, it's hard to compete with KingsBottle. KingsBottle specializes in wine coolers and each one they make looks spectacular. Honestly... you should check them out if you care about impressing anyone who enters your home.

Summit Appliances makes some of the world's best wine coolers and have a selection to fit any budget, house or apartment size, or desire for bottle capacity.

Wine Cooler Configuration

When you're picking out a wine cooler, ideally you already know where in your house or apartment you'd like to store it. Here are some popular wine cooler configurations you should know about:

Freestanding Wine Coolers are wine coolers that can stand on their own without any installation. They often have finished backs and side so they look good anywhere you put them.

Undercounter Wine Coolers are wine coolers that are meant to be installed underneath a kitchen or bar counter. Therefore they are usually counter height and store less bottles. Many brands will finish the back and sides of their undercounter wine coolers just in case you'd also like to use them in a freestanding capacity.

Countertop Wine Coolers are made to sit directly on your counter. You'll often see these in wine tasting rooms and bars to keep bottles cold that are frequently poured throughout the night.

Built-In Wine Coolers are designed to be built into kitchen walls or anywhere else you'd like to see them. These are usually vented in the front for this reason. Similar to undercounter wine coolers, many come with finished backs and sides so they can also be used in a freestanding capacity.

Wine & Beverage Coolers are wine coolers that have an additional section to store beer or other beverages. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to have something o everything on hand for their guests.

Wine Cooler Zones

When choosing a wine cooler, it's important to know how many separate cooling zones you'd going to need.

The most common are single zone wine coolers and dual zone wine coolers. Although you'll also see triple and even four zone wine coolers.

Each zone is a different part of the wine cooler that can be set at a specific temperature. So for instance if you have both white and red wines in your collection you will want to store the whites at 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit while the reds are best kept at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can get more specific based on the exact grape varietal but those are the general rules.

Wine Cooler Bottle Capacity

One of the most important considerations when choosing a wine cooler is the bottle capacity. Specifically, how many bottles can your wine cooler store at its maximum capacity.

At The Flawless Host we've broken up wine cooler bottle capacity in the following way:

6-25 Bottle Wine Coolers: these wine coolers are great to ensure you have a small number of bottles on hand at all times at the correct temperature. They also have the added benefit of fitting in any home or apartment.

26-50 Bottle Wine Coolers: these wine coolers allow you have enough capacity to start to build a collection while also fitting in any living space.

51-100 Bottle Wine Coolers: these wine coolers are big enough to start taking a wine collection seriously. You can feel confident that you have enough space to build up a decent number of bottles you plan on storing for years, while having enough space for your everyday wines.

101-200 Bottle Wine Coolers: Congratulations - you're officially a wine collector. These have more than enough room to build a serious wine collection without worrying about space constraints. Furthermore we consider these legitimate art pieces.

201-300 Bottle Wine Coolers: If you're like me and you worry about blockbuster vintages coming along and you needing room to buy dozens of wine, these wine coolers are for you.

300+ Bottle Wine Coolers: Short of having a wine cave, this is what you need. But for those who take their wine collecting seriously, this is what it takes.

Wine Cooler Widths

When choosing your wine cooler, you might need a specific width given the size of your apartment of home. At The Flawless Host, we divide up the widths of wine coolers like this:

Small Wine Coolers: 6 Inch Wine Coolers, 12 Inch Wine Coolers, and 15 Inch Wine Coolers

Medium Wine Coolers: 18 Inch Wine Coolers, 24 Inch Wine Coolers, and 32 Inch Wine Coolers

Large Wine Coolers: 39 Inch Wine Coolers, 47 Inch Wine Coolers, 48 Inch Wine Coolers, and 63 Inch Wine Coolers.

Wine Cooler Summary

We hope you can see that we take wine coolers seriously here at The Flawless Host. If you have any questions at all please email us or give us a call at (747) 318-3714 and we'll be happy to help!

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