Our story

Our Story

I created the Flawless Host because I believe that hosting family and friends at our homes makes up the majority of our peak experiences.

I've been lucky enough to have been surrounded by amazing people my entire life.

From my amazing family, to the team I built at Better Place Forests, to my amazing family, every day has been a blessing.

With two little kids at home and remote work becoming the norm for me, I felt deprived of all the amazing social time that filled my days.

This has meant that time at my home with my family and friends has taken on a new priority for me.

And being able to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining is my new passion. This is why I created The Flawless Host.

For me, enteratining at home is all about serving the right food in the right setting, surrounded by my favorite people.

I want you to serve the perfect wine to accompany the perfectly cooked steak. To cook a genuine New York style pizza. To celebrate your best nights with your favorite wine.

And I want The Flawless Host to help you achieve it all by helping you find the products that make your house a home.

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to me personally at brad@theflawlesshost.com.

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The Flawless Host

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San Rafael, CA



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with luxury home cooking and entertaining goods at the best possible prices, with an unparalled level of customer support.

The Flawless Host team can help you create the exact home entertaining experience you want to provide for your family and friends.

We know how difficult it can be to shop for premium appliances and we take every customer's needs as seriously as if they were our own.

Our Values

We are a company dedicated to the finer things in life. We believe in good food, great wine wine, amazing evenings with friends, and maximizing the enjoyment we have with each other.

Therefore we believe in:

Customer Service Done Right

We believe in the value and your time and money and we appreciate you considering us. We will go above and beyond for you every step of the way as we care about our long-term relationship with you.

Products We Believe In

We only offer products that we believe belong in our own homes. We believe these products are heirloom quality pieces that you will be proud to show off and use for your family and friends.

Ethics Above Everything

Similar to the brands we carry, we believe in doing things the right way. And this means running an ethical company in every possible way.

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